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My name is Jake Brackenwagen, owner and founder of IICF and Jake Buys Houses. I was born and raised In Eau Claire, Wisconsin and both of my real estate buinsesses are based there as well (even though I love looking at deals all over the USA). I have come a long way since my early days of selling bait fish and mowing lawns. My passion for real estate began at a very young age, and I had already created my own business ventures by the time I was a pre-teen. I ventured into the world of commercial real estate investing in high school after reading over 50 books about the subject and since then never looked back (10+ years!). My biggest asset has always been my willingness to take action, as I pursue opportunities that most people would not dare to consider. I approach all his deals with a calculated risk, always seeking out the best possible deal for everyone involved.

Check out some of the online publications I have been featured in such as Forbes, Disrupt Magazine, and Kivo Daily.

If you have a commercial property you are looking to sell, please give me a call or fill out the form on my home page. I can't wait to work with you!

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